Please donate to the Measles Samoa Fund Appeal.

While help from New Zealand and Australia with vaccinations have arrived, what is not accounted for is the traumatic and social impact that the measles situation is having and will continue to have on families, and those on the frontline.

The crisis of the psyche and heart also deserves attention and support.

The MEASLES SAMOA FUND APPEAL is to support parents like Tuivale Puelua and Fa’aoso Matavale of Laulii who have lost three children to measles, two-year-old son and their one-year-old twins, sister Tamara and brother Sale. This is so heart breaking.

The MEASLES SAMOA FUND APPEAL is free giving from the heart to the people directly affected with the loss of a child due to the measles outbreak in Samoa. It is administered by a NZ senior health professional and ASA Foundation.

For New Zealand you can make a donation to the MEASLES SAMOA FUND APPEAL Account No: 06-0082-0929955-00
Bank: ANZ Bank

For overseas use the Givealittle page MEASLES SAMOA FUND APPEAL:

Christmas this year will be a sad one for these families… we want to reach out to them with your help.

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Source:: Daily Times


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Measles Samoa Fund Appeal

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