It has become only natural in the world of PC gaming to question the term “wireless gaming mouse”. In the past, it has been nigh on impossible to achieve the same responsiveness and accuracy with a wireless mouse as you can with a wired one, leading many gamers to shun the concept at its very mention. Enter the Razer Viper Ultimate.

The Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse from Razer utilises the hardware company’s HyperSpeed Wireless Technology. By optimising the way that your mouse communicates wirelessly with your computer and combining this with the latest and fastest radio frequency technology, Razer boasts that its HyperSpeed Wireless is 25% faster than the closest competition. At the same time, the mouse works to ensure that it is never sharing the same wireless frequency as another nearby device.

Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the technology at hand to fully test the truth in these claims, however, I can tell you that the responsiveness of the Viper Ultimate is incredibly impressive. If anything, I felt that the speed of response that I experienced with this mouse was actually faster than that of my previous, wired gaming mouse; totally breaking the aforementioned rule of thumb. Razer hasn’t bet this responsiveness entirely on wireless technology, though. There is plenty more impressive and exciting technology at play…

A combination of Razer’s Focus+ Optical Sensor and Optical Mouse Switches ensure that the delay between your actions on the mouse and the reaction on the screen is almost zero. The optical sensor used on the mouse is capable of 20,000 DPI resolution accuracy. This figure places the Viper Ultimate at the very top of the industry and genuinely translates into even the finest of movements being registered with accuracy. On both the soft and hard surfaces with which I used the mouse to test it, the Viper Ultimate performed consistently well.

The Focus+ Optical Sensor was well supported by the smoothness of movement provided by the outstanding quality PTFE feet on the base of the mouse, too, as well as its incredible 74g design. The lightweight nature of the Viper Ultimate is immediately noticeable as the mouse is removed from its packaging. At first, I found this disconcerting. Coming from a comfortably weighty mouse to such an extraordinarily lightweight one felt somewhat alien, but after only an hour or two of gaming, I felt perfectly at home with the change. I also found …read more

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Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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