Paul Robinson says weight and resistance training is the best method for maximum fitness results.

Fitness stores in Edmonton are seeing a massive spike in demand for equipment as people transition to home workouts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kieran Standen, a staff member at Physique Fitness Stores, said Thursday they’ve noticed a big jump in the number of customers coming into the store to buy equipment. At first customers were buying equipment like dumbbells, but as the situation with the virus escalated, other items like workout bands were getting swooped up, he said.

“We’re doing 10 times what we usually do,” Standen said. “Gyms are closing down, people have nothing to do, people are at home with their families and people need a release. (People) are just trying to get whatever they can get their hands on. I think they knew things were selling out fast once they started calling around to the stores.”

Scott McCartney, one of the owners of Sportfactor, said he knew there must be an equipment shortage when he started getting calls since his company primarily deals with schools. He said this week alone he’s received between five to eight calls from retailers asking to purchase equipment.

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Source:: Edmonton Journal – Business


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Getting swole: Demand for fitness equipment in Edmonton spikes amid COVID-19

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