Pro Football Hall of Famer turned sports Analyst for FS1 Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe has been retired from the NFL 16 years now.

The media personality was recently a guest on All The Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and revealed that a lot of fans come up to him and ask him how does he know so much about football.

“I don’t tell them that I actually played, tell them I study the game a lot, so I watch football, and I have been around it for a long time. But, it is most people don’t know because I have been retired for 16 years now.

“16 years is a long time considering everything now people are watching it on their phones, but for me, I know how I would have handled it because everything is under a microscope. You look at guys like LeBron, KD, or you at Tom Brady were everything is critiqued. We have all these debate’ shows where we talk about every move every dribble… I don’t know how I would handle it because I like my privacy,” said Sharpe.

“I only went to one party in college, I didn’t really hang out, and I went out maybe every other month when I played. So, I like to be to myself and don’t want a lot of cameras in my face, and I tell guys when you sometimes in your home. You have to believe that you are being filmed or record. So, you must be on your behavior at all times.”

How would social media affect him during his playing career?

It would have been hard because I told a lot of people no, and that is one of the reasons why I never lived in the city that I played in because I wanted some privacy. I didn’t want to be Shannon Sharpe all the time I don’t want to go to the grocery store and be asked how the Broncos what are going to do this season or winning the Super Bowl… The way I explain myself to people is I’m a normal guy with an extraordinary career.

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I’m a Normal Person With An Extraordinary Job, Says Shannon Sharpe

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