As part of Jersey Shore alum Vinny Guadagnino’s short-lived project, The Show With Vinny, Guadagnino’s family took the center stage and began meeting and interviewing celebrities. His father, however, never not made an appearance, and he never did on Jersey Shore, either.

Guadagnino’s parents are separated, but he had no real reason as to why his father never got involved with either reality show. He told the New York Daily News that his father lives downstairs from his mother, but “never really got involved.”

“My mother and father are separated, but we all get along and everything. But I grew up pretty much with my mom and my sisters — all women,” he said.

The Show With Vinny aired for one season in 2013.

Guadagnino’s Father’s First Name Is Not Public Knowledge

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Because he didn’t want to get involved with the reality TV world, Guadagnino’s dad has never appeared, and his first name has never been mentioned on the show.

The show has a different format than Jersey Shore. During the talk show, celebrities will visit the house where Guadagnino grew up and talk about their latest projects while interacting with the Guadagnino family, which includes Guadagnino’s mother and uncle Antonio Giaimo. Giaimo is already known to Jersey Shore fans as “Uncle Nino,” mostly for the time when he flirted with JWoww during the show.

Some of the guests for the show have been Ke$ha, Ciara and Kat Graham. Guadagnino said that when the celebrities come to the Staten Island home, they seem like “fish out of water.”

“These huge superstars are coming into the house as regular people,” he said. “They leave the Hollywood life behind for a couple of hours. They get a nice home-cooked meal. We do different things with everybody. But the main idea is that they get to hang out with a real family. And my mother and uncle don’t know who any of these celebrities are, so they treat them like regular people and they like that.”

Guadagnino’s Family Lives on Staten Island

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Why Vinny Guadagnino’s Dad Has Never Been Seen on ‘Jersey Shore’

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