Now that fire season is upon us again, many people in California are keeping a close eye on fires. The Pier 45 fire in San Francisco is thankfully under control now, but there are still other fires in the state to follow. Here’s a look at the latest wildfires in California on Saturday, May 23.

Interactive Maps of California Fires

A number of interactive fire maps below can help you stay updated on the latest details about California fires. Don’t rely on just one map, since details can change quickly and some maps will have fires listed that others do not.

A good interactive map to follow is Inciweb’s map. You can see the full map here. There’s an embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires which you can see below. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom into the map below using the + button within the map or change settings to only show Inciweb fires:

All the fires listed on Inciweb right now are prescribed fires, meaning they are purposefully set to try to keep down the number of uncontrolled wildfires in the region.

Another helpful interactive map is provided here from This only lists one wildfire in the state at the moment, which is the Spanish Fire.

A new interactive fire map is below, provided by here. A live version is below. You may need to click “OK” before you can view the map to indicate you’re not using it as an evacuation resource. This map below is one of the more detailed fire maps for California.

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services also has an interactive map of red flag warnings and new and active fires. The map is here. This map is updated every weekday morning, so it’s not the best for emergency planning but is still informative.

Below is a list of individual fires in alphabetical order.

List of Active Fires in California on May 23, 2020Cedar Central Prescribed Burn


Inciweb notes:

Fire managers from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks have scheduled the first prescribed burn of 2020 in the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park to occur between now and the end of May. This is the second …read more



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California Fire Maps: Track Fires Near Me Today [May 23]

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