There are now 20 days left for the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott to hammer out a long-term agreement. And it sounds as if the sides will drain the proverbial clock.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported Monday, after the former Pro Bowl quarterback officially signed his franchise tag, that he expects negotiations to “press up against [the] July 15 deadline.”

Why? Because, Fowler said, “there haven’t been any new developments on that front for a while,” as the length of the deal and its overall value remain the chief “sticking points.”

In other words, nothing new.

Dallas and Dak have infrequently met at the bargaining table since last September, with on-again, off-again talks failing to reach an accord. As ESPN’s Ed Werder reported earlier this week, Prescott inking his $31.4 million tender is “not an indication” that a multi-year contract is imminent. It was merely a formality.

Further, Werder was told by a source close to the situation that Dallas feels stuck between a rock and a hard place, pressured to lock down Prescott while simultaneously navigating around potential salary cap-related pitfalls stemming from the coronavirus and estimates of its financial ramifications on the sport in 2020.

“Their problem is the second year, because this salary cap is going to crash unless there’s an intermediate deal,” said the source. “They would have to gut their team to keep him then. So there’s even more incentive for the Cowboys to do a long-term deal with Dak because of the coronavirus and where the cap might be next year.”

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Same Stance, Different Day

Reading the tea leaves, the holdup continues to be centered around Prescott’s insistence on a four-year commitment — giving him another bite at the apple when he turns 30 — while the Cowboys are holding firm for a five-year pact.

The team was taken aback by this particular demand when it first became known, and they’ve supposedly yet to get over it more than nine months later. Per Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, “the Cowboys are and will continue to be stunned by Dak’s stance.”

“As a fourth-round pick who never received a significant payday, he spurned their best offer in 2019, bet on himself, and will now make huge money this year, whether under the franchise …read more



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Potential Date Leaked for Cowboys, Dak Prescott to Agree on Deal: Report

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