Jim Bachor has proven that anything can be turned into art — even potholes.

Since 2013, Bachor has filled almost 90 potholes in Chicago, then topped them off with mosaic art; it takes about eight to 10 hours to complete each project. Using glass and marble, he has crafted mosaics depicting everything from roses to ice cream sandwiches, but his focus now is on items that are more topical — since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, he has made mosaics showing toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Bachor told CBS Sunday Morning that the mosaics can be considered “a souvenir of these times to look back on,” and he is “trying to pull out the positive out of a negative.” He knows that his mosaics won’t last forever — cars will do damage driving over them, and the streets will be repaved — but Bachor still keeps going. “You know, when you love what you do and a lot of people like what you do,” he said, “how could you not continue to do that as long as possible as an artist?”

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This street artist turns potholes into masterpieces

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