Lamar Jackson is looking primed for a huge season on the field for the Baltimore Ravens, and many think that he will be primed to repeat as league MVP for next season.

Not everyone is projecting that actually happens, however. Recently, ESPN analyst Bill Barnwell took a deep dive in breaking down Jackson’s possible fortunes for 2020. As he said, Jackson had such a good year and had such health from his team in 2019 that it might be hard to repeat that come this season.

Barnwell explained:

“If only because it’s virtually impossible to improve on an MVP campaign, history suggests that Jackson will decline some this season. He threw touchdowns on 9% of his pass attempts last season, which was just the third time a player has managed that over a full season since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The other two guys are Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, who were only able to do that once. It’s no criticism of Jackson to suggest that a 9% TD rate will be nearly impossible to replicate.

With that being said, barring serious injury, Jackson isn’t going anywhere. He’s going to present the same problems for opposing defenses in the years to come, and the Ravens are committed to building their offense around his dizzying array of skills. Asking for another MVP performance in 2020 is likely too much, but he should remain one of the best quarterbacks in football.”

Indeed, Jackson was near flawless last season which means he will have a tough act to follow this year. It’s possible he won’t be able to match what he was able to do, but the fact remains he will be tough to knock off the pedestal.

Colin Cowherd Picks Lamar Jackson to Win MVP

Why could Jackson go back to back? For some, it’s as simple as the players around him in addition to the talents of the quarterback himself. Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd thinks that Jackson is winning the award again in 2020, and the reason has everything to do with the surge the quarterback has recently made in his career.

In a segment of The Herd where he was picking superlatives for NFL players, Cowherd named Jackson “most likely to win the MVP award” and explained that he thinks things are going to get even better for Jackson this coming season in Baltimore.

Most likely to break …read more



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Analyst Explains Why Lamar Jackson Won’t Win 2020 MVP

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