Devon Lévesque

At 23, Devon Lévesque dropped out of college in his junior year, despite his full scholarship. A year later, he filed for unemployment.
Today, he is a partner of the $900-a-month gym Performix House in New York, and a fitness influencer with more 360,000 followers on Instagram. He makes “close to seven figures,” he told Business Insider.
In an interview, he talked through his journey from unemployment to career success, and described six strategies he uses to stay motivated during difficult times.
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At 23, Devon Lévesque dropped out of his fully-sponsored college degree in psychology and business to manage a nightclub. A year later, and with a “bad taste in my mouth” from the hospitality industry, he found himself filing for unemployment. “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do for my career,” he told Business Insider.

He always had a passion for fitness. His father and grandfather were both professional weightlifters, and he earned his college scholarship playing football. Soon that passion became his job. His break came through a contact he’d met while working in hospitality — the man said he wanted to lose weight, and asked if Lévesque would train him. Lévesque started working out with him every day.

The man referred him to friends, and Lévesque gained more clients, eventually launching Don’t Be a Pig, a coaching business, in 2017. The aim was to train people both physically and mentally. “Since my dad committed suicide when I was 16, I have wanted to bring awareness and help people struggling with mental health,” Lévesque said.

After spending two years building the business, and amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, he sold Don’t Be a Pig to Performix House, the $900-a-month elite gym in New York, for an undisclosed sum, and is now a partner in the business. He also runs Devon Lévesque Daily, a paid-for fitness community, and in total makes “close to seven figures,” he said.

He told Business Insider that staying motivated was the key to his success, especially after he lost everything, and shared six techniques that kept him motivated during tough times. Read on to find out more.

Have a big white board in your office or room for your goals, and brainstorm daily

Lévesque said a big whiteboard is perfect for visualizing your goals and priorities. He uses it every day: “I have one section that …read more

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Unemployed to 6-figure income: A fitness founder reveals the 6 strategies he uses to stay organized and motivated when it feels like everything is falling apart

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