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The key to taking a vacation during the pandemic is privacy and lots of outdoor space for social distancing.
From bohemian yurts to tiny houses, Business Insider rounded up some of the best alternative resorts in the US for social distancing.
Consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website and travel advisories before any vacation.

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In a pandemic era, privacy is the ultimate luxury.

But some alternative resorts already knew that and started designing retreats around social distancing long before it was the norm. Now, those very resorts are a prime solution for cooped-up individuals looking to escape their home without putting themselves or others at risk.

Business Insider rounded up 15 of these destinations for people looking to take a late summer or fall getaway. We selected these resorts based on three factors: outdoor access, socially distanced design, and driving distance from big cities. From bohemian yurts in Texas to tiny houses in New York, there’s something for every taste of adventure.

Note that while nonessential travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, vacations aren’t a go everywhere. Some states have specific travel restrictions in place. Check these restrictions, follow guidelines from the CDC website, and consult travel advisories before hitting the road — and take precautions if you do.

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Arizona: Shash Dine Eco Retreat

Location: Page, Arizona

Why we love it: Shash Dine Eco Retreat calls itself a “glamping bed and breakfast,” and is just minutes away from Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Tents, wagons, shepherd huts — the options are endless when it comes to sleeping under the desert stars.

COVID-19 summer update: Open for reservations

Rates starting at: $150 per night

Driving distance: just over two hours from Flagstaff; just over four hours from Phoenix

California: Motorcoach Country Club

Location: Indio, California

Why we love it: Both a luxury RV park and a country club, the 80-acre Motorcoach Country Club has 400 RV lots, a nine-hole golf course, a fitness center, multiple swimming pools, three tennis courts, and a clubhouse with a private restaurant and bar. And it’s only about a 30-minute drive from the chic resort town of …read more

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15 alternative resorts across the US that are perfect for social distancing, from a tiny house resort in upstate New York to a bohemian yurt retreat in West Texas

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