delta4x4's Tesla Model 3

Delta4x4 created an off-road capable Tesla Model 3 built to drive through the wilderness in Norway.
The upgrades include new all-terrain tires, new wheels, and a body lift kit.
The lift kit costs around $568, while the new 18-inch wheels and tires are about $1,775, although the latter price jumps to $2,958 with Klassic B wheels.
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Germany-based Delta4x4 has created an off-road capable Tesla Model 3 built to traverse the wilderness in Norway.

The company was founded in Bavaria, Germany in 1980 by Josef Loder, the son of a Ford dealer, and two of his friends with the intention of creating accessories for off-roaders. Now, 40 years later, the company of 10 employees has built out over 60 off-road vehicles — such as Porsche 911s, RVs, and Ford Transits — including some that have partaken in rally raids like the Dakar Rally.

This expertise in off-road vehicles was then applied to the Tesla Model 3 for a project requested by a Norway-based client.

According to Delta4x4, the client wanted his Tesla to be altered so he could “enjoy his driving experience to the max” as Teslas don’t often fare well on unpredictable Nordic terrains. And because the Tesla’s batteries are located on the lower half of the electric vehicle, off-roading may be too risky.

To combat this potential issue, Delta4x4 created a 35-millimeter lift kit to provide some distance between the rough terrains and the battery pack.

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The lift kit specifically has Germany’s TUV certification that allows it to be driven legally across the European Union.

Besides the lift kit, off-road upgrades also include 8.5-inch by 18-inch wheels to accompany the new, bigger all-terrain tires.

The combination of the lift and the larger tires gives the Model 3 an over 40-millimeter, about 1.57-inch, ground clearance, according to Delta4x4 Instagram post about the car.

Source: Instagram

However, the Model 3’s shocks have not been upgraded.

The off-road capable Tesla drives similarly to the non-upgraded version, according to its maker.

According to Delta4x4, these upgrades pair well with the “dramatic Norwegian environment.”

And if the original tires are used, the battery consumption will not increase dramatically, according to the Delta4x4.

The Tesla Model 3’s lift kit costs around $568, while the new wheels and tires are about $1,775, although this price can go up to $2,958 …read more

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A conversion company turned a Tesla Model 3 into an off-roader ready for the Norwegian wilderness — see how they did it

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