There are reports of a mass shooting in Mayville, Wisconsin, although details are still preliminary. “At this time we have four people down,” an officer told a dispatcher on the scanner.

According to archived scanner audio, the initial report came from two apartments in the 1100 block of Horicon Street, across the street from a McDonald’s restaurant. There were reports “of multiple people being shot in this location,” a dispatcher said. Flight for Life was contacted and, at one point, three helicopters were standing by.

You can listen to the scanner live here. Later in the night, authorities were talking about four different helicopters rushing to local hospitals. The reports of the shootings broke out on the evening of September 16, 2020. Mayville is a small community located in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Listen to the archived scanner from the earliest moments of the shootings here:

It’s not yet clear whether the shooter is one of the wounded.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Sheriff’s Department Shut Down Traffic

Mass shooting incident near the McDonalds in Mayville, WI. Shooter is supposedly one of the injured. I’m reading conflicting reports on if the shooter is dead or on Flight for Life.

— BadgerGOPLady (@BadgerGop) September 17, 2020

WKOW-TV reported that the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office “has shut down all lanes of traffic on Eastbound and Westbound Wis. HWY 28 from Clark St. to County TW due to a law enforcement activity.” The station was not more specific.

According to scanner traffic, the state Division of Criminal Investigation agents were on the way to the scene. A “second patient” was being prepped, according to the scanner. Authorities had not yet made an official statement on the shootings. The conditions of the victims and identity and whereabouts of the suspect were not yet clear.

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Mayville, Wisconsin Mass Shooting Reports & Scanner Audio

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