Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

90 Day Fiance has couples who are in love but must overcome obstacles, and toxic couples.

Sometimes, fans go back and forth over which party is responsible for the toxicity.

Rarely is that as dramatically the case as with Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva.

Who’s the good guy? Who’s the bad guy? Are these even the right questions?

To answer this — and we think that we have a pretty good answer — we’re going to cover both.

Viewers have gone back and forth on Mike and Natalie’s behavior during Season 8.

We’ll start with Natalie … and the exact moment that and Mike were reunited.

Their touching reunion when Natalie stepped off of the plane had a sour moment almost immediately.

Why? Natalie somehow had a problem … with the flowers that Mike brought her.

She didn’t like the color. Weirdly, she brought it up more than once.

An even more insidious trend began on their first meal together at Mike’s home.

Nobody blamed Natalie for her discomfort of being isolated in the wilderness. But that changed at breakfast.

“It’s not healthy,” she she declared, scraping the french toast into the trash so that she could eat raw carrots.

It’s not that fans were blaming Natalie for her obviously disordered eating (orthorexia, maybe?).

She can eat what she likes. What was not okay was how she treated Mike.

Natalie sought to control Mike’s every habit, from his food to his drinking, and acted like he should be thanking her for the privilege.

Alcoholism can be a real problem, but Mike has any actual issues with alcohol, they were never apparent to viewers.

So sure, fans have acknowledged that maybe Natalie (who almost never drinks) saw something that they did not.

Of course, this is the same woman who thought that he was trying to trick her with a root beer float.

Natalie body-shamed Mike as she tried to pressure him into altering his diet to match hers.

Up to a point, it worked, as he relented and agreed to only eat meat every other week.

Well … most meat. For some inexplicable reason, Natalie thinks that seafood isn’t meat.

That awsn’t the end of it, however.

Natalie would continue to move the goalpost, turning cute couples dinner moments into pointless fights.

Her need for control, whatever its origins, turned simple meal prep into a battle of wills.

To Natalie, the idea of what was for dinner and how it would be prepared was predetermined.

When Mike tried to negotiate, viewers …read more

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Mike Youngquist vs Natalie Mordovtseva: Who’s the REAL Villain?

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