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Days after an unprecedented domestic assault on democracy unfolded at the US Capitol, a tender wound reopened in Seattle, Washington.

As hundreds of rioters who breached the Capitol have started to be identified, with many facing federal charges, the Associated Press reported that over 30 police officers are under investigation for their presence at then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally in DC on January 6.  

Six Seattle Police Officers are under investigation after being in DC on the day of the Capitol riots — making it the largest identified group of officers from any police department in the nation to be present in DC on January 6.

Anne Bettesworth, a spokesperson for the Seattle Office of Police Accountability, acknowledged the number to Insider, saying, “We’re not keeping it a secret.” 

In a statement released late on Friday, January 11, SPD Chief Adrian Diaz said that the OPA would investigate to determine whether SPD policies were violated and “if any potential illegal activities need to be referred for criminal investigation.”

“If any SPD officers were directly involved in the insurrection at the US Capitol, I will immediately terminate them. While OPA investigates, these officers have been placed on administrative leave,” Diaz said in the statement. He added that SPD supports all lawful expressions of the First Amendment but the violent events that unfolded “were unlawful and resulted in the death of another police officer.”

The OPA has 180 days to present its findings to the SPD, for the force to determine if policies were violated and to decide if criminal investigations will be sought.

Andrew Myerberg, the director of the OPA, told NPR, that officers are entitled to their political views, and the investigation will look into whether SPD policy was violated. The OPA added that if the officers committed federal crimes, they would work together with federal investigators.

Despite its reputation as a liberal bastion, the politics in the Pacific Northwest are more complicated.

And there is a tension between the police department, city leadership, and progressive activists in Seattle — friction that often garners national attention. 

“It certainly creates friction when law enforcement is policing a city that’s as progressive as Seattle or Washington, DC, or Portland,” Myerberg acknowledged to NPR in January.

And community members are concerned.

Shaun Scott, a Seattle writer and organizer, pointed to the tweets from Mike Solan, a current officer and president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, following …read more

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Seattle Police Department has the most officers in DC on January 6. An investigation is underway to determine if they breached the Capitol, but advocates say the problem runs deeper.

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