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What we’re going over today:

The best early-stage investors.
Republicans are unloading on Rep. Matt Gaetz in gossipy texts and snide asides.
Nike is transforming from a marketing company into a technology brand, and it’s creating internal turmoil.
Scientists are coming around to a surprising new understanding of Alzheimer’s disease.
Big Law associates are burned out, and special $60,000-plus bonuses may not be enough to keep them.

Here’s what’s trending this morning:

Facebook hack: 533 million Facebook users’ phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online.

Alphabet’s secret quantum tech team:  It’s called Sandbox.

Consulting confessions: 6 current and former staffers at Deloitte, PwC, and other top firms detail pandemic burnout.

Remote work: The wealthy streamed into six under-the-radar cities and towns during the pandemic.

The best early-stage investors

From Margaux MacColl, Melia Russell, Candy Cheng, and Michael Haley:

The venture capitalists who write the earliest checks — known as seed investors — take the biggest risks. But when they choose well, they also reap the biggest rewards. With huge profits at stake, thousands of institutions and individuals are active seed investors.

But seed investing is more an art than a science and only a few succeed regularly. Tribe Capital, a seed venture-capital firm and an investor in other funds, set out to find the top investors by analyzing data on about 1,000 of them. The result is this list of the top 100 as well as the Seed 25, a list of the top female seed investors.

Read the full story here:

The Seed 100: The best early-stage investors

Also read:

Meet OpenStore, the new stealth Miami startup founded by Founders Fund VC Keith Rabois and Atomic’s Jack Abraham
A tiny startup was inundated with reach-outs from more than 120 investors and offers to wire money right away. It’s just one example of the extreme FOMO fueling Silicon Valley’s startup scene right now.

Frustrated Amazon employees rip on the company for encouraging them to come back to the office

Republicans are unloading on Rep. Matt Gaetz

From Warren Rojas, Adam Wren, Robin Bravender, Dave Levinthal, Camila DeChalus, Darren Samuelsohn, and Tom LoBianco:

Matt Gaetz was looking for a scandal. 

It was March 25, and the Florida congressman responded to a tweet from the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, …read more

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Here are the 100 best early-stage investors, according to data analysis from Tribe Capital

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