Comedian Lara Beitz recently opened up about her 40-pound weight loss transformation during a conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “I feel lighter, that’s exactly how I feel,” she told Rogan.

Beitz told Rogan she lost the equivalent of “eight bags of potatoes. I think of what it would be like to carry that around in a backpack, like through an airport and then get to set it down. … My ankle weights and my hand weights together are 20 pounds. And if I think about carrying that around times two, even across a room, I would be tired. … I feel so much better, I had had back pain since the time I was a teenager. I had joint pain, and I thought that I was just going to have it for my whole life because I didn’t think that I was heavy enough that it was affecting my joints. And that pain is all gone. It makes sense to me.”

Beitz lost the weight amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Beitz, a 36-year-old Milwaukee, Wisconsin, native, has been performing as a stand-up comic for several years, most recently in the Los Angeles area. She made her first appearance on Rogan’s podcast on April 3, 2021, on episode #1629.

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Beitz Told Rogan She Lost Weight Doing Zoom Workouts Led by a Fellow Standup Comic

Beitz told Rogan the improvement in how she feels physically has helped her keep the. weight off. She said, “If I carry around a heavy bag around an airport my back will hurt at the end of the day, if I do that right now. And to have to carry that weight around everywhere I go, everything I do, even just sitting, having that extra weight, I just don’t want it back.”

Beitz added, “I stopped eating flour and sugar, which I’ve heard are inflammatory as well, so I think that might be part of that. But the other thing is just getting to set down the weight. I feel awesome.” Rogan added, “I think both are factors, for sure. It’s just logical the weight is a factor, but for sure sugar and flour and …read more



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Comedian Reveals to Joe Rogan How She Lost 40 Pounds

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