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Former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill in a new Vanity Fair op-ed said that GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz should resign from Congress “immediately” if there’s “even a fraction of truth” to allegations he broke federal sex trafficking laws and had a sexual relationship with a minor. 

“Let me state it as clearly as possible: If, despite his denials, Matt Gaetz did have sex with a minor, if he did provide girls and young women with drugs and money and gifts in exchange for sex, if he did ask these girls and young women to recruit other women for the same purpose, and if he did show his colleagues images of nude women without their consent, he needs to be held responsible,” Hill wrote.

“Some of these actions are criminal and some of them should be. All are morally reprehensible and unacceptable for a lawmaker,” she added. “If there is even a fraction of truth to these reports, he should resign immediately.”

The Florida Republican defended Hill in 2019 after tabloids and right-wing media published nude photos of her and a campaign staffer. Hill, who resigned from Congress amid the scandal over the photos, alleged that her ex-husband leaked the photos without her consent. 

The scandal Gaetz is embroiled in “involves accusations of the same crime of which I was a victim: the nonconsensual sharing of intimate images,” Hill wrote, noting that the GOP lawmaker “is one of the few colleagues who came to my defense when it happened to me.” 

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Katie Hill says Matt Gaetz should resign if there’s ‘even a fraction of truth’ to sex-trafficking reports

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