Teen Mom OG star Kristina Shirley broke her silence amid her feud with Amber Portwood, the mother of her 12-year-old stepdaughter Leah. Amber has made antagonistic comments about Kristina and her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. Within the span of one week, Amber accused Kristina of spoiling Leah; called her a “whore” and a “homewrecker;” and claimed Kristina was an opportunist who stole her family and just wanted to be on Teen Mom OG.

Kristina, 39, didn’t directly respond to Amber’s insults, but she did post a cryptic quote that seemed to shade her foe. “Be kind to everyone. Be patient with difficult people,” it reads. Kristina’s post solicited a “like” from fellow Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards and a response from Jenna Tinch, Kristina’s sister-in-law who came to her defense after one of Amber’s rants.

“Your class is unmatched. Love you sister!♥️” Jenna wrote.

Reddit users widely celebrated Kristina’s post, despite sayings it was pretty “vague.”

“Kristina keeping sweet while also throwing shade, 😂” the original poster wrote.

“I saw that yesterday and I loved it so much. I am usually against vague posting but I was like ohhh this hit the nail on the head,” one commenter wrote. “Kristina’s last two photos have also been of Leah. One with them all out together and another of Leah and her sister.”

“Lmao I love it because she refuses to go to Amber’s level and you know this calm rational approach drives Ambien fucking nuts,” another person added.

Amber Claimed Kristina ‘Cries’ If Gary Doesn’t Buy Her Designer Bags

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During her rant against Kristina on Easter Sunday, Amber claimed that Kristina “cries” to her husband — Amber’s ex — if she doesn’t get what she wants from him. She also claimed that Kristina is intimidated by Amber’s relationship with Leah.

“She’s not a bonus mom. She’s an opportunist who cries if Gary doesn’t buy her a Coach bag,” Amber wrote on April 4. “She got scared because me and Leah were hanging out more!! Sorry I made a mistake in the past with people, however, we all know what was really going on when she cheated on her husband.”

Amber Slammed Kristina For Taking Pictures of Leah

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Kristina Shirley Responds to Amber Portwood’s Outburst

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