The Challenge: All Stars premiered on Thursday, April 1 and it was an exciting start to the season, with many contestants expressing their shock and surprise at the intensity of the first challenge. For the fans who thought the season might be a relaxing vacation and a chance to see their favorite stars reunited, the first episode left no doubt that the spinoff will be just as intense in competition as the regular show.

On the aftershow for All Stars, The Challenge Aftermath, host Devyn Simone spoke to some of the competitors about their experiences during the daily challenge and three-time winner Derrick Kosinski said it was extremely difficult and “people almost died.”

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Derrick & His Costars All Spoke About How the Daily Challenge Was Extremely Difficult & Many Struggled With It

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Derrick, who’s appeared on 10 seasons of the show, winning three, has also appeared on some of the more recent seasons like XXX: Dirty 30 and as a mercenary on Vendettas, and he said during the aftershow that the swimming challenge in the first episode of All Stars was the hardest of all the daily challenges.

He said, “People were going in the water and coming right back out and going into the ambulance cause the water was so cold… or go there and stay in the water as long as they can until they almost drown.”

Derrick explained, “We almost died, like there was multiple people that almost died.” Yes Duffy agreed and said, “Yes, multiple people.” Jisela Delgado explained, “We had to have medics come out, people literally like their lives left in the water.”

They also said the fact that they were struggling so much wasn’t because they were OGs and out of the game for a while, but that current Challenge stars would have also struggled. Jisela pointed out that Aneesa and Darrell, two of “today’s” Challenge stars, struggled in the challenge.

One Contestant Revealed That He Broke 2 Ribs During Filming of the Show

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The Challenge All Stars: ‘Multiple People Almost Died’

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