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I check my mini-map for the location of the monster, confident that it wouldn’t go on the cliff I was perched on. It was right on top of me. Suddenly, I was face to face with a giant purple tiger. I nearly leapt out of my gamer chair.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest in the Monster Hunter franchise. Many will look at Rise and see a much smaller game, especially compared to Monster Hunter World which released in 2018 and has had over two years of support. But make no mistake, Rise is just as content rich and fun as any Monster Hunter game. It’s additions to traversal and combat are so good I want to see them in more Monster Hunter games. More impressive is the fact that the game takes several concepts introduced in World and expands on them in creative and intuitive ways. However, the experience is held back by an inconsistent difficulty curve and other small annoyances that add up over time.

The use of Wirebugs is a revelation. Hunters can use an insect and its silky string to perform a Wiredash, launching themselves forward, vertically, or wherever their cursor is aimed depending on what button you press. If done against a wall, players can run up the wall so long as their stamina is depleted. In previous games, you were under the mercy of the level design. If you accidentally fell off a cliff or narrow vine, you had to scurry back up. You always had to go around cliffs or slowly climb up vines. Now you can overcome these obstacles with ease.

You’re gonna what to scale as much of the environment as possible. Not only are there hidden relics to collect, but there are Spiritbirds that fly to you and boost your stats permanently for that quest. Spiritbirds aren’t necessary for hunting monsters, but the boosts they provide is much appreciated. They really encourage you to explore the environment.

Wirebugs are not only useful for traversal but for combat as well. Weapons have at least two attacks that use Wirebugs – known as Silkbind attacks. Since Wirebugs take time to recover, you essentially get two strong attacks or defensive maneuvers that operate on a cooldown. You can also unlock variations of these moves that operate quite differently from another. They can really enhance the effectiveness of weapons or even cover some of their …read more



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Monster Hunter Rise Review

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