Boston Celtics veteran Tristan Thompson had a lot to say following a 101-99 win against the New York Knicks, Wednesday night at TD Garden.

Playing in his first game since March 14, Thompson supplied 7 points, 8 rebounds, and three blocks off the bench. He also helped the Celtics fend off the relentless Knicks late in the second half.

After spending a few minutes answering questions about the game, Thompson was asked about a report that came out a few weeks ago.

Tristan Thompson On Kevin O’Connor’s Report: ‘Him Trying To Get Some Click Baits’

Speaking on The Ringer’s Mismatch podcast hosts Kevin O’Connor and Chris Vernon revealed sources informed them Tristan’s teammates weren’t crazy about him.

Thompson was asked about his initial response to the report.

“I laughed,” Thompson replied. “In my 10 years of playing basketball, I don’t think there’s one teammate that doesn’t like me in the locker room. So, I knew that was full of (expletive). That guy, Kevin O’Connor — I don’t know if I should mention his name or not because he doesn’t deserve my two cents. But, I remember every name because I’m like an elephant.

“So, with him saying I’m not liked in the locker room — that was funny because that’s not the case, it’s never been the case.”

Tristan Thompson: ‘JB And Kemba Came In And Had Their Tweet’

All-Star forward Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker both vehemently denied the report and spoke on Thompson’s behalf via Twitter.

“That was just him trying to get some click baits with my name but I’m used to it,” Thompson added. “Why not mention my name? Especially, with our team going through an up-and-down season like everyone is trying to say. So, it makes sense to point out one of the veteran guys. But, JB (Jaylen Brown) and Kemba (Walker) came in and had their tweet. Kemba doesn’t ever tweet and he tweeted that and JB came and did the same thing.

“That guy wanted click baits. So, you’re welcome, Kevin O’Connor for using my name, it got you some more hits and some RTs.”

Thompson says his reputation in the NBA as a teammate would dispute what O’Connor was hearing and that he has the kind of rapport in the locker room that extends beyond the relationships he …read more



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Celtics Veteran Blasts NBA Writer: ‘Full Of (Expletive) That Guy’

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