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NBKC Bank (Member FDIC) is an online bank with branches in Kansas City, Missouri.
The bank pays solid interest rates on all its accounts, and it doesn’t charge monthly fees.
The Everything Account is a hybrid checking/savings account that lets you create savings goals.
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This post was last reviewed and updated on April 19, 2021. 

How NBKC Bank works

You might like banking with NBKC if you:
You might not like banking with NBKC if you:

Are comfortable banking digitally, OR live near a branch in Kansas City, Missouri
Are looking for solid rates on checking, savings, money market accounts, and CDs
Want to keep your checking and savings balances all in one account
Are looking for a bank with low fees
Want to add money to your CD after opening it
Would like a debit card and/or paper checks with your money market account

Aren’t comfortable banking digitally, AND don’t live near a branch in Kansas City, Missouri
Want the option to overdraw from your account
Are worried about high early withdrawal penalties on CDs

The bottom line: NBKC is a strong online bank for high APYs and low fees, but it’s not a good match if you like in-person banking, unless you live in Kansas City, MO.Checking/savings
NBKC Everything Account

The NBKC Everything Account is a hybrid checking/savings account that pays a high interest rate on your entire balance. You don’t need to meet any qualifications to earn interest.

You might find that keeping your spending and saving money all in one account simplifies your finances. You can also set up individual savings goals in your account, like “Emergency Fund” or “New Car” to track your progress and keep yourself from dipping into your savings.


The NBKC Everything Account is a strong account that doesn’t charge fees. You may or may not like how the overdraft rules are set up, though. On the plus side, NBKC doesn’t charge overdraft fees. If your purchase would overdraw your account, NBKC will just deny the transaction. However, this could put you in a tough spot if you need to overdraw funds but don’t have the option.

If you’d rather have checking and savings in separate accounts, there’s a pretty simple fix. Just use this account as a checking account without setting up savings goals, then open a NBKC Money Market Account.

NBKC Certificate of Deposit



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NBKC Bank review: Helpful savings tools, no overdraft or foreign transaction fees

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