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Summary List PlacementWalmart Plus features a few great benefits like gas station discounts and free two-day shipping. But for busy shoppers like myself, its most enticing perk is free same-day grocery delivery.

The grocery service is really easy to use. You just select a time slot, place your order online, and receive your goods at your doorstep.

There are usually same-day delivery slots available (at least where I live), but you can order groceries as much as a week ahead of time.

Delivery is free if you spend at least $35, but if you need things ASAP, you have other options.

Opting for Express Delivery at checkout will cost you an extra $10, but you’ll have no order minimum, and most importantly, you’re guaranteed to receive your order in two hours or less.

After trying Walmart’s grocery delivery out myself, it’s a service I could get hooked on.

Even without the express service, Walmart Plus’ Grocery Delivery takes a lot of the hassle out of running errands: no driving, waiting in line, or slogging through aisles.

The option to have my items hustled to my doorstep in two hours or less really sweetens the deal.

Gone are the days of an emergency grocery store trip when I’ve forgotten an ingredient.

The groceries they carry are also pretty extensive — I can get anything a normal Walmart store would have, from fresh produce to frozen meals to pantry staples.

If anything is ever out of stock by the time my order is being put together, Walmart sends me a text to choose a substitution, which means there are no surprises later on.

The process can completely replace your weekly trip to a grocery store, or it can act as a supplemental service when you just need a couple of items but really don’t have time to go to the store.

Even after the pandemic, it’s a service that will continue to prove useful.

A Walmart Plus membership costs $13 per month or $98 per year, and I think it’s worth the price for the grocery perks alone.

If you order groceries once a week for a whole year, you’d be paying less than $2 total per delivery, plus receiving perks like credits towards the cost of gas. Overall, I think it’s worth the cost.

If you’d like to give the service a shot before buying, you can try it out for free for 15 days.

15-Day Free Trial (small)

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I tried Walmart’s grocery delivery service, and it was super convenient and easy

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