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If there’s an equivalent in your closet to, say, butter in your refrigerator, it must be your favorite pair of jeans. Is there a food that butter does not improve? No. Is there an outfit that a good pair of jeans does not make better? Absolutely not. Is butter a necessary part of life? Yes. Do you need jeans to get through society? Surely. You see, the parallels are uncanny.

While there exists no shortage of stores from which to purchase your new favorite bottoms, there are a few places that we turn to without fail for a great pair of long-lasting, comfortable, and good-looking jeans. And that’s because they satisfy a few key criteria.

Here are the best places you can buy women’s jeans in 2021:
Table of Contents: Masthead StickyEverlane

Somehow, Everlane’s wide selection of jeans looks great on just about everyone. Coupled with the brand’s radical transparency and affordable prices, Everlane denim is a hit. 

Pros: Affordable, stretchy (which makes them universally flattering), comfortable

Cons: Jeans with elastane tend not to last as long as 100 percent denim

Everlane’s defining trait is its transparency, and the brand prides itself on informing customers exactly where its products are made and how much it costs to make them. The brand ensures that its LEED-certified factory in Vietnam recycles 98% of its water. The plant also uses alternative energy sources to further reduce its carbon footprint.

The vast majority of Everlane jeans incorporate some amount of elastane in them for that trademark stretch. The Slim Fit has just 2 percent elastane, which is enough to notice the difference in feeling, but not enough to make your jeans lose their shape. You can always opt for other pairs with more or less elastane depending on just how stretchy you’d like your jeans to fit.

What to buy: 
The Original Cheeky Jean (small)The Curvy Cheeky Straight Jean (small)The Super-Soft Relaxed Jean (small)The ’90s Cheeky Jean (small)

Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow makes some of the most comfortable jeans around, and with just a few styles to choose from, you won’t be paralyzed by choice.

Pros: Straightforward styles, incredibly comfortable fit, high-quality material, great customer service

Cons: If you’re looking for more variety in your jeans, Mott & Bow may be too to-the-point

If you’re looking for jeans that you can literally live in, you’re looking right …read more

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The 9 best places to buy jeans, according to a team of style experts

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