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Caring about the environment and caring about a clean home doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

When the movement toward “green cleaning” began, there were very few products that approached the benchmark of being both high-quality and good for the earth. Yes, there was the ol’ kitchen mop and the bacteria-infested sink rag, but more often than not, reusable meant repulsive.

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Today, it’s hard to keep up with the number of items that are working to provide a sustainable way to take care of your home, from long-lasting recyclable sponges to reusable dryer sheets. There are tons of ways you can do your part to take care of the environment without going out of your way or sacrificing the quality of the products you’ve used in the past. 

Here are 11 reusable cleaning products that work well and are good for the environment: 
Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls (6-pack) (button)

These dryer balls might look a little odd, but their outward appearance isn’t interfering with their effectiveness or popularity. The Smart Sheep Dryer Balls are made from 100% premium New Zealand wool and offer the same benefits of disposable dryer sheets (like decreased static), but without the waste. They aid in quicker drying times by creating air pockets between clothes, and they can be infused with essential oils to leave your laundry smelling exceptionally fresh. 

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cloths

Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (button)

I’ve been using microfiber cloths around my house and in my car for years and cannot even imagine how many paper towels I have saved. These ones are extremely absorbent and are machine washable — meaning they can last you for quite some time, no matter how often you use them. We suggest washing them in this bag that catches tiny bits of microfiber particles to prevent their entry into our waterways. 

E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack

Window Cleaning Pack (button)

Unless you’re a commercial-grade window cleaner, you likely use paper towels to wash your windows — leaving tons of waste that can’t even be recycled. These cloths work together to clean glass and windows, ensuring a streak-free shine. 

Kitchen + Home Machine Washable Bamboo Towels

Machine Washable Bamboo Towels (button)

The first thing I noticed about them was how thick and durable they are — more so than traditional paper towels — which is likely …read more

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11 reusable cleaning products that are more sustainable than their traditional counterparts

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