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Benjamin Cook: “Global warming is caused by cow farts.”

Deepti Singh: It’s not by their farts, but it’s by belching.

Cook: “A few degrees’ difference is not a big deal.” And the way I always like to think about it too is like your body’s temperature. If your temperature is three or four degrees warmer, then you’re seriously sick.

“It’s too late to do anything about it.” Unless you’re Elon Musk and gonna head off towards Mars, we’re all stuck here, so we should try to figure out how we can make it the best planet we can.

Singh: I’m Deepti Singh. I’m an assistant professor in the School of the Environment at Washington State University. I’ve been studying climate change for about 11 years, and I study extreme weather events and how human activities are influencing them.

Cook: My name is Benjamin Cook, and I’m a climate scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. I’ve been working there for about 14 years now. And I study how droughts are changing with global warming and climate change.

Singh: And today we’ll be debunking myths about global warming.

Cook: Myths from pop culture. Oh, boy, I’m glad you got this one, Deepti. “The sun is causing global warming.”

Singh: Changes in the amount of energy we get from the sun do affect our climate. But over the last 150 years, we know that because the amount of energy we’re getting from the sun has not changed significantly over this period. Satellites have been recording the amount of solar radiation that our planet receives. I think Ben has a graph that shows that.

Cook: And what we’re looking at here on the yellow is the amount of energy that’s coming from the sun, and red is global temperatures. It’s pretty clear that the amount of energy we’re getting from the sun has been more or less flat for the last several decades, even as temperatures continue to go up and up.

Singh: “Scientists don’t agree on what causes climate change.”

Cook: 100% of the climate scientists on this Skype call agree.

Singh: If you review the published literature in reputable journals by reputable scientists, all those papers agree that climate change is caused by human activities.

Cook: There’s really no other explanation that fits the data. We’ve looked at the sun. We’ve looked at just natural variations in circulation in the ocean, in the atmosphere. We’ve looked at volcanoes. We’ve looked …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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Climate scientists debunk 13 myths about global warming

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