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There was a time — not all that long ago — when Counting On fans saw Jinger Duggar as a reason to be hopeful for her family’s future,

Jinger quite literally wore the pants in her household, becoming the first female Duggar of her generation to toss aside the floor-length skirts her mother prefers in favor of a more modern look.

For a while, it seemed as though the famous “Free Jinger” liberation campaign had actually paid off.

Of course, Jinger was only able to break free from her parents’ oppressive customs and ideas once she married Jeremy Vuolo.

She always had an independent streak, but it was Jeremy who allowed her to explore it.

And since the husband is the supreme ruler of the household in the Duggars’ belief system, there was nothing that Jim Bob could do about it.

And so it was that Jeremy became almost as beloved a figure as Jinger.

Unfortunately, it seems the former pro soccer player’s time as a fan favorite has officially come to an end.

In recent months, most of the tabloid reports about the Vuolos have focused on the alleged turmoil within their household.

Insiders say Jinger and Jeremy are having trouble in their marriage, and the couple’s social media presence seems to corroborate those reports.

Jinger and Jeremy are “taking a break” from their podcast these days, and while that may not be a big deal under normal circumstances, in this case, it seems to point to problems in their marriage.

You see, the hiatus appears to be the result of an abrupt decision, and it couldn’t have come a stranger time.

The Vuolos are soon to release a memoir, and for some reason, they’re backing away from social media — and media in general — right around the time when they should be furiously promoting the book.

The podcast was undeniably bad for the Vuolos’ image, as Jeremy was frequently called out for the condescending tone he takes when talking to Jinger.

Now, on top of the criticism he’s receiving for the problems within his marriage, Jeremy is taking flak for comments he’s made about race and mental health in recent sermons.

Yes, it seems that Jeremy’s views are every bit as bigoted and problematic as Jim Bob’s, and these days, he’s getting called out left and right.

“Always loved you guys but … You don’t really believe mental health is the devil and not …read more

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Jeremy Vuolo: Has He Become the Most-Hated Duggar Husband?

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