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In the last few years, seltzer has become more than just a beverage — it’s become a way of life. From fan-favorite La Croix to Sanzo, which was founded by a Filipino-American entrepreneur and focuses on Asian flavors like calamansi, to the well-hyped Travis Scott-endorsed hard seltzer, we just love the fizzy stuff. But keeping a fridge stocked with seltzer can both add up in cost and take up a lot of space, so investing in a soda maker might be the solution.

Soda makers work by injecting CO2 into a liquid. Some machines want you to stick to plain water and add flavorings after the fact, while others allow you to carbonate beverages like juice, tea, and wine. 

In order to determine the best soda makers out there, we tested six of them, assessing them for ease of use, consistency, and levels of fizziness we could achieve compared to store-bought seltzer. We also spoke to beverage scientist Adam Johnson of Imbibe, Inc. You’ll find an FAQ section below that explains the basics of carbonation as well as how to best replace and recycle your empty CO2 canisters.

Here are the best soda makers of 2021:

Best overall: Sodastream Fizzi One Touch

Best for flavored sodas: Drinkmate Soda Maker

Best upgrade pick: Aarke Carbonator III

Best with no CO2 canister: Sparkel Beverage System

Update on 4/22/2021: We completely overhauled this buying guide by testing six soda makers to determine our top picks. We also added an FAQ about carbonators and how to replace empty CO2 canisters.

The best soda maker overall

With the press of a single button, the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch carbonates seltzer to your desired level of fizz with absolutely no guesswork.

Pros: Select from three levels of carbonation, automatically carbonates to the proper level, no guesswork

Cons: Must be plugged in, only carbonates water, bottles not dishwasher safe

Many soda makers on the market require you to manually control the level of carbonation you add to your soda. Some will buzz when they’re finished carbonating to let you know to stop, but others leave it entirely up to how long you dare to push it. This can lead to inconsistent levels of fizz from …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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The 4 best soda makers we tested in 2021

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