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We’re in a golden age of specialty cheese. It makes a great gift, a wonderful snack, and can elevate even the simplest dishes. Supporting your local, independent cheese shop is worth your time and money, but not everyone has a shop near them, and sometimes they won’t have what you’re looking for. Thanks to our good friend the internet, though, you can get the world’s best cheeses delivered directly to your door. 

I am a professional cheese nerd. I write and teach classes about cheese, its history, how it’s made, and how best to pair and enjoy it. I got my start in cheese at NYC cheese mecca Murray’s Cheese, where I ran the education department. I am a Certified Cheese Professional by the American Cheese Society. I’ve been in the cheese industry since 2015, a continuous cycle of tasting and learning.

I love cheese because there’s always something to learn and to taste. Every batch of cheese is like a new “vintage” in wine — depending on the weather, the animals, and the cheesemaker, it can be very different from the last batch.

As you can imagine, that can make cheese tricky to rank. And, really, the best cheese for you is the one that you like the best. But, after years in the cheese industry, I have a good sense of who is making products that are both consistent and distinctive. The flavors evolve with the seasons and have a taste of place (which cheese and wine people call “terroir”), but in trying two batches, you won’t taste two totally different cheeses. These producers farm responsibly, make consistently delicious cheese, and deserve our support. 

Here are the best cheeses you can buy online in 2021 

Best brie-style cheese: Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam

Best smoked cheese: River’s Edge Up in Smoke

Best Gouda: L’amuse Signature Aged Gouda

Best American cheese: Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Best cheddar: Shelburne Farms Shelburne Cheddar

Best French cheese: Comté St. Antoine

Best Italian cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano from Valserena

Best cheese plate: Lady & Larder Large Cheese Board

The best brie-style cheese

Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam, $19.99 for 8 ounces, available at iGourmet

Why you’ll love it: Creamy, mushroomy flavors and a dreamy …read more

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The 8 best cheeses you can buy online in 2021, according to a cheese expert

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