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Contrary to popular belief, pores can’t physically shrink and expand. Everyone has these tiny openings in their skin because they function to naturally release oil. While you can’t simply zap them away with a toner or cream, you can find the right products and maintain a healthy skincare regimen. Above all else, this is the most effective thing you can do to minimize the appearance of your pores — emphasis on appearance, not size. 

But buying just any product won’t do. That’s where expert advice and product recommendations come in. We spoke with a dermatologist and an aesthetician to piece together the ideal skincare routine for those who would like to reduce the look of their pores. Dr. Marie Hayag, board-certified dermatologist and founder of 5th Avenue Aesthetics, along with Karen Fernandez, lead aesthetician for SkinSpirit, help explain the often misunderstood topic of pores, and which products can actually assist in lessening their appearance. 

Below is a simple breakdown of what your skincare routine should look like, but it’s important to talk to your dermatologist before changing your routine. You can continue reading for specific product recommendations, and at the end of this guide, learn more in our FAQ section that shares expert advice. 

What should your skin routine look like?


1. Cleanser
1. Cleanser

2. Toner
2. Exfoliator or retinol

3. Vitamin C
3. Hydrating serum

4. Moisturizer
4. Moisturizer

5. Sunscreen (SPF 30+)

Here are the 18 best products for minimizing the appearance of your pores:

Updated on 04/22/2021: We reformatted this guide to add more product recommendations from the Insider Reviews Team, and categorized them for easier identification. At the end of the guide, we added answers to frequently asked questions that feature expert advice from a dermatologist and an aesthetician. 

Cleansers for minimizing the appearance of pores

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Hydrating Facial Cleanser (small)

When our experts advise us to keep our skincare routines simple and gentle, CeraVe hits the spot dead on. The Insider Reviews team has already shared its love for this cleanser several times because its formula is non-comedogenic and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. It’s always a must to look out for products labeled non-comedogenic so that your pores don’t get backed up even further. Dr. Hayag shares the same sentiments as our team and suggests this cleanser for helping to make your pores appear …read more

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This is the skincare routine experts recommend for shrinking the appearance of pores

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