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Applying to law school is no picnic — it involves rigorous studying for the LSAT, an impeccable personal statement, and glowing letters of recommendation.

This year was especially tough to be a law school applicant — according to, there was a 20% increase in applications as well as overall higher LSAT scores, making it a very competitive group. “There are a lot of people this cycle with scores in the 165 to 180 range who are not going to get admitted to schools that we have seen them get admitted to in the last 20 years,” said Mike Spivey, a law school consultant.

If you were one of the people rejected from law school, it can feel like a huge loss — and it can be tough to know what to do next. If you still want to be a lawyer, the thought of applying to law school again can feel inconceivable at this moment. If you’ve decided to pursue something else, you might be torn between multiple career paths. Or you might just need to take a long break, but don’t know how to give yourself one.

What to do if you didn’t get into law school:
Be especially kind towards yourself. 

Getting rejected from law school can feel especially painful because of all the time and money you devoted to preparing and submitting applications. “Your hopes were dashed, at least temporarily,” says Dr. Devon Price, a social psychologist and author of “Laziness Does Not Exist.” “You’re going to feel jealous of the people who did get accepted and resentful of the programs that spurned you,” which is why Price strongly urges being patient with your feelings during this time.

Reassess if you want to apply again. 

If you’re not sure whether you’re over the idea of law school (rather than just the process of applying again), Lauren Cohen, an executive and career coach, suggests asking yourself the following questions: “Can I figure out another path that I’d probably love? Should I work for a year or two and see if I want to reapply?”

If you still feel stuck, Dr. Rebecca Mannis, an NYC-based learning specialist, suggests the following: “Remind yourself about why you are drawn to this field — your passions and aspirations, as well as …read more

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What to do if you didn’t get into law school

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