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Applying to medical school is a notoriously stressful process, requiring a great GPA, strong MCAT scores, sterling letters of recommendation, and exceptional extracurricular experiences. 

This year was especially burnout-inducing for pre-med students, as applications rose to an all-time high, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. The stress was so mounting that Kaplan reported nearly 40% of pre-med students considered dropping their medical career pursuits.

If you were one of the many applicants who ended up applying and not getting into med school, this can be a really hard time. If you still want to go to med school, you might not feel ready to go through the wringer of applying yet again. If you’ve decided to forego the idea med school, you might not know what you want to pursue next, or where to even begin. Or you might just need to take a long break and lean into self-compassion but aren’t sure if you can ever get past the heartbreak.

What to do if you didn’t get into medical school:
Treat yourself with the utmost kindness. 

A med school rejection can feel especially hurtful because of the sheer amount of time, money, and effort spent applying and preparing to enter the field. Dr. Devon Price, a social psychologist and author of “Laziness Does Not Exist,” emphasizes the importance of letting yourself feel everything with as little judgment as possible. 

“You’ve just put immense effort — and paid a lot of money in application fees — in pursuit of a dream, and your hopes were dashed, at least temporarily,” says Price, adding that it’s completely normal to be jealous of your friends who did get in or resentful of the programs that didn’t offer you admission. 

Be really honest with yourself about whether you still want to go to med school at all. 

Knowing what the next step should be after a rejection can be challenging. If you feel stuck, Lauren Cohen, an executive and career coach, suggests talking to a career counselor at school or a career coach, who may even help you realize that med school just might not be where your heart lies.

In her own experience, she recalls meeting with someone “who thought she wanted to go to medical school based on her love for children and …read more

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What to do if you didn’t get into medical school

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