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All signs point to DOJ Trump investigation taking a backseat to Georgia and New York probes
Biden’s climate pledge faces an enormous challenge
5 experts who will vote on the fate of J&J’s vaccine believe we should end the pause

1. INSIDE MAIN JUSTICE: The relative silence at the Justice Department is telling. Nearly 100 days into the Biden administration, it appears a DOJ probe into former President Donald Trump is taking a backseat to investigations in New York and Georgia. With this in mind, Insider explored the DOJ’s hesitancy to take on Trump.

Here’s a peek at what we found:

There are many fraught questions at play: Fairly or unfairly, former DOJ officials say a federal case against Trump would risk playing into the same “lock her up” mentality that the former president spread against his opponents. An investigation, if it were to become public, could also easily consume Biden’s presidency.

DOJ veterans say this is why the attorney general wants to avoid it: “I think the truth is [Merrick] Garland wants an investigation of Trump like he wants a hole in the head. It’s the last thing he wants as attorney general,” a former top Justice Department official told Insider.

There’s no shortage of avenues for a probe: The former special counsel Robert Mueller documented multiple instances of potential obstruction of justice, there’s the hush money to Stormy Daniels, and a former prosecutor has said the investigation into the deadly Capitol riot could extend to Trump.

The best bet, they say, would be to try to privately test the waters: “If I’m Garland and [newly confirmed deputy attorney general Lisa] Monaco, I get a briefing that I don’t tell anybody about,” a former federal prosecutor said. “I figure out if there’s a way to do an initial review without sending out grand-jury subpoenas and without going public.”

Our exclusive report takes you inside the DOJ’s Trump “problem.”

2. Biden’s climate pledge has a difficult path to reality: The president committed to slashing greenhouse-gas emissions over the next decade during his virtual climate-change summit. This would require sweeping changes to virtually every aspect of American society, The New York …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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10 Things in Politics: DOJ treads lightly on Trump

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