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Eric Forney can’t remember a single home for sale in Westfield, Indiana, over the last year that didn’t receive multiple offers.

Forney, a Keller Williams real estate agent in the suburban enclave 30 miles north of downtown Indianapolis, told Insider that properties in the area regularly attract bids 10% to 25% over the listing price.

The buzz around Westfield real estate is understandable: The city was recently anointed the best suburb in the country to move, topping a ranking on real-estate listings portal Homes.com.

To come up with the list, Homes.com evaluated suburbs from the US Census Bureau’s list of fast-growing towns in each state to determine the best ones to move to this year based on a series of pandemic-era necessities. Nine “home-buying” factors determined the final list, including the home price-to-income ratio (which indicates affordability), median property square footage (a reference to how much spacious the homes are), yard acreage, access to fast internet for remote work, school district rankings, and more. 

It’s easy to see why Westfield dominated several categories. The city sits on 30 square miles just a 40-minute drive north of the state capitol. Craftsman-style homes with large yards dot the airy Midwestern landscape; young families frequent many beloved bakeries and breweries.

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The up-and-coming suburb is even a favorite of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts — the team holds training camp there every year, to the tune of a 10-year deal with the city inked in 2017. The agreement infuses Westfield with a total of $653,000. The camp takes place at the Grand Park Sports Complex, a spiffy 400-acre facility that also serves as one of the …read more

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A little-known Midwestern city is America’s best suburb to move this year

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