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At the end of a long driveway in Beverly Hills, California, sits a 12,000-square-foot mansion designed by the mid-century architect William Beckett. 

The multimillion-dollar home, just a few minutes’ drive from the Playboy Mansion and a celebrity hot spot, the Beverly Hills Hotel, is decked out with a wine cellar, a home theater, and a meditation garden.

For the past year, it’s been home to a rotating cast of Gen Z internet stars who live there rent-free. In exchange for the luxe setup, dubbed “Clubhouse BH,” the influencers are expected to create branded videos for Clubhouse Media Group, a publicly traded company that runs a chain of lavish “collab” houses and pays Clubhouse BH’s monthly $42,000 rent. 

CMG was cofounded by real-estate operator Amir Ben-Yohanan in January 2020. Since then, Clubhouse (which has no affiliation with the audio app) has launched nine content houses across Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Europe. Six are still active, and more houses are in the works. 

In the 15-second videos that its tenants posted on TikTok, living in a Clubhouse mansion appeared to be a dream gig. But insiders said the lifestyle came at a cost. Behind the scenes, some influencers said, Ben-Yohanan inserted himself into the personal lives of CMG house members — many of them still teenagers — in a manner that made them uncomfortable. 

A former Clubhouse BH member, in her early 20s, recalled when Ben-Yohanan, 48, contacted her about a surprise date last year.

“I was single, and I remember Amir texting me — I guess he had some guests coming over to the house — and he said he had this guy that was going to be my boyfriend,” the former house member said. She recalled that Ben-Yohanan told her, “Make sure you look nice,” and, “Make sure you put your makeup on.” 

“I was just like, ‘What? Who do you think you are?'” the former house member said. “If that doesn’t give you a picture of how they treated us — it was sick.”

Seven influencers and staff members who were formerly affiliated with CMG houses said Ben-Yohanan sometimes arranged dates for house members and attempted to set them up with other members or popular creators in order to film attention-grabbing content.

“He just cared about making drama,” said one former member of Clubhouse Next, a CMG mansion that shut down.

“He only cared about the numbers,” another former member of Clubhouse Next added.

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A startup promised influencers the Hollywood dream, replete with a mansion. But some insiders say its CEO bullied talent, made misogynistic comments, and treated their personal lives like ‘a game.’

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