Big Ed Brown and Liz Marie

Since The Single Life premiered, fans have wondered if Big Ed Brown and Liz are still together.

On the one hand, how could they last?

On the other … they did seem crazy about each other.

Now, it look like Liz Marie may have revealed that they have broken up.

Liz took to Instagram at the beginning of this week to share “memories” of Ed.

“Even though our paths have led us our separate ways, you’ll always be a great memory!” she captioned.

Addressing her fans and followers, Liz then wrote: “Enjoy the rest of the season!!!”

Now, we cannot claim to read Liz’s mind.

But referring to “paths” that are “separate” and a “great memory” seems very final.

It sounds like Liz has just revealed that she and Big Ed are exes.

Liz has not deleted her post, but she has turned off commenting under the post.

It has been speculated that she meant to share this next weekend, but posted early.

Not all reality stars watch themselves on screen, believe it or not.

But if Liz did post it by accident, she either hasn’t realized it or doesn’t care.

Alternatively, she may have decided that she no longer wants people assuming that they are dating.

She may be writing that there are no hard feelings, but done is done.

Of course, 90 Day Fiance stars sign NDAs if they are paid for their roles.

Breaking an NDA can lead to an angry phone call from producers … or being sued.

Hopefully, Liz is not in any sort of trouble for her post.

Of course, it’s not necessarily the case that Liz has spoiled anything from the season.

She and Ed may have continued dating through the season.

If so, they may have broken up as recently as last week.

So this may mean that we won’t get to see what breaks them up on TV at all.

It is also possible that the end of their relationship was captured by cameras, but will air much later.

Reality TV can take 8 months or more before what is filmed makes it to air.

Fans aren’t exactly shocked or stunned by this breakup news.

After all, it was weird enough that they started dating in the first place.

Ed is decades older than Liz, who never imagined that he would ask her out.

Fans accused Liz of being a clout chaser.

Others aren’t so sure, with some wondering if she agreed to the date due to social …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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Big Ed Brown and Liz Marie: Are They Still Dating?

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