Josh Duggar Mug Shot

Last week, former reality star Josh Duggar was arrested by federal agents and held without bail.

A car dealership owned by Duggar was raided in 2019 by agents from the Department of Homeland Security, and it was initially rumored that the arrest had to do with Josh’s hiring practices.

We later learned, however, that situation was much more disturbing than that.

Josh was arrested on child pornography charges, having allegedly received and possessed lewd images of children under the age of 12.

If convicted, the 33-year-old father of six could face up to 20 years in prison.

(Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, is currently pregnant with the couple’s seventh child, a development that’s resulted in intensified concerns for the children’s welfare.)

Josh will remain in custody until his arraignment on May 5.

At that time, a judge will either deny him bail or set an amount that will allow Duggar to be released pending his trial, which is tentatively set to begin on July 7.

In the meantime, Josh has lawyered up in hopes of not spending the next 20 years behind bars.

His choice of attorney suggests he’s done some serious research — and is very, very frightened of being found guilty.

Josh went out of state for this one, selecting a Missouri-based lawyer named Justin Gelfand of the Margulis Gelfand firm.

Josh has encountered numerous legal troubles over the past few years, so it’s noteworthy that he did not hire an attorney whom he has worked with previously.

It seems that he selected Gelfand for two reasons:

1. He’s a former federal prosecutor, so he knows what sort of tactics Josh will be up against.

2. As Radar Online reports, Gelfand “has a long history of successfully defending men accused of sex crimes.”

Gelfand has already filed paperwork indicating that he will be representing Josh in the upcoming trial.

It’s unknown if the accused was able to come up with the legal fees himself (which seems unlikely, as Josh and his family have been living in a windowless shack on his parents’ property), or if patriarch Jim Bob footed the bill for his eldest son’s defense.

Another possibility is that Gelfand took the gig pro-bono, due to the high-profile nature of the case.

That seems unlikely, as Josh is not exactly a beloved figure — especially now.

Whatever the case, it seems that this scandal will mean the death of the Duggar media empire as we …read more

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Josh Duggar Hires Lawyer Specializing in Sex Crimes, Seeks to Avoid 20-Year Prison Sentence

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