Actor Ethan Suplee told Joe Rogan he struggles with mental health and body image issues even after his stunning weight loss. The 44-year-old movie and TV star weighed 550 pounds at his heaviest and now weighs 270 pounds. But during a conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Suplee said, “I don’t look at myself and think, ‘God I look great.’ I see nothing but negative stuff every day.”

Suplee told Rogan it “is incredibly satisfying” to see photos from when he was younger and weighed more than 500 pounds, but, “the reality is I have mental illness.” Suplee said, “I try to convince myself, I try to find something I’m happy with. Usually, it’s my traps. I can look at my traps. There’s not a bunch of loose skin there, they’re not all scarred from surgeries. And I can look at my traps and go like, ‘OK, that looks good.’ And based on that, I can start to feel OK about myself.”

Rogan earlier told Suplee during the May 4 episode of the Spotify-distributed JRE podcast, “If I didn’t know who you are and I ran into you, I’d have no idea that you were the same guy. You’re a f***** completely different human. You went from this guy that looked like you were really in bad shape to a guy who looks like I would avoid in jiujitsu. I’d be like, ‘F*** that guy, let me get away from him. He’s too big. You look f***** great.”

Suplee responded, “This is the greatest compliment I’ve ever gotten. All I want is to look like a big dude who is not just gigantic and fat. That’s all I want.” Suplee told Rogan he started his weight loss journey in 2002. He lost 80 pounds on a liquid diet after deciding, “I want to change my life.” His lowest weight has been 200 pounds and he now weighs 270.

“I spent most of my life feeling wrong. Like literally, that I was wrong or bad. Just super negative about myself. I still have to fight through that today. No matter what I’ve done. In 2012, I went and rode every stage of the Tour de France, just for fun. And I could do that on a bicycle. That’s not f***** easy. That’s thousands of miles on a bicycle in a very short period of time. I was much …read more



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Actor Reveals Struggles After Stunning Weight Loss: ‘I Have to Battle’

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