Through the years of interacting with the thousands of attendees at the various Star Trek conventions, the actors and crew who created the shows have left a mark. Fans have their favorite characters, and they also have their favorite actors — this is not the same thing.

A few minutes browsing the boards on TrekBBS will net a person many, many opinions of what their favorite stars are like in real life.

For example, “Halfordgirl” reported that J.G. Hertzler (Martok) “is great” and that “he goes out into the audience in full Klingon costume.” She also says that Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat) is also “very nice and a little bit flirty.”

These experiences vary, of course, and sometimes they are based simply on how many folks the actor has in line to get an autograph or photo. TrekBBS user “M’rk son of Mogh” said that his interaction with William Shatner was “blink and you miss him” thanks to a very long line.

Danny Lee Epperson, life-long Trek fan and media personality says that when he’s met Shatner, it’s always been a thrill.

“Over the years, I have interviewed and spoken with William Shatner, I’ve known him to be a warm, kind, charming, and playful personality,” said Epperson. “In other words, he is exactly what I had hoped Captain Kirk to be: just one of us.”

Patrick Stewart, the English Gentleman

One item that comes up, again and again, is the notion of Sir Patrick Stewart’s friendliness when meeting fans. Some even go so far as to call him a “gentleman,” as TrekBBS user “siskokid888” did. 

Meanwhile, Stewart was recently interviewed for the English magazine, “The Gentleman’s Journal,” which reported that he smiles “conspiratorially like some glorious muddle of Buddha.” 

Stewart is said to be generous and friendly to his fans — even offering hugs to some. This is precisely what British fan Becca Jane St. Clair said about Sir Patrick when she met him in 2018. St. Clair attended a fundraiser that Stewart hosted and reported that he walked “to the individual tables to talk to everyone.” 

St. Clair said that he spoke to her as well and shook her hand. The next day, she saw him again, and they chatted as they waited for a taxi. 

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