The team behind “Star Trek: Prodigy” added a new chapter to the mission of the Protostar. The latest episode, released on January 13, 2022, is entitled “First Con-Tact” and was meaningful and fun. 

As explained by “Prodigy” writer and producer Aaron Waltke, part of the show’s mission is to educate and entertain the audience, who might be composed of youngsters who have never seen “Star Trek” before. In an interview with Heavy, Waltke described how “Prodigy” will show new audiences some of the basics of “Star Trek,” like the Federation, the phaser, and warp drive. Sometimes they’ll include iconic characters in the stories, like Spock or Uhura

Throughout the story, episode writer Diandra Pendleton-Thompson made sure that she kept things moving forward while making sure that this episode communicated two concepts: the transporter and the Prime Directive. Pendleton-Thompson gave viewers an intelligent and unpredictable story, which entertained at multiple levels, as this Trek fan explained on Twitter:

#StarTrekProdigy This show is very clever in making 2 story lines: one for the kids and one for the adults. I enjoyed the kids story and the adult story is making my head hurt. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Bravo!

— Fernanda (@Fernand91887310) January 13, 2022

The show is also piquing the interest of new Trek fans, who want to understand the background of this Holo-Janeway. This fan shared his thoughts and his son’s thoughts:

If #startrekprodigy is meant to bring younger people to the franchise, it’s working. My youngest son has not stopped asking me questions since last week’s episode and is desperate to watch Voyager now!

— Sacred Chalice of Ricks (@TrekfanRick) January 10, 2022

We’ll reveal a few interesting facts from “First Con-Tact,” beyond what has been written above. If you have not yet watched the episode, please understand this warning:


Quoth Homer Simpson…

As the story begins, the crew of the Protostar are playing around with the transporter, which is a staple of Trek storytelling. Since 1966, fans have almost expected the sparkling fade-in of characters a few times per episode. For this motley crew of explorers, they apparently had never seen what a transporter …read more



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‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ and The Secret Homage to Homer Simpson

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