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The 2021 iPad Mini is a powerful, compact tablet that’s less cumbersome than larger iPads.
It’s easier to carry around due to its small size, and its screen is still larger than any phone I know about.
It’s a smaller version of the 2022 iPad Air rather than a smaller version of the standard 2021 iPad.

Apple iPad Mini 6th Generation (2021)
$499.00 FROM APPLE

If the standard 2021 iPad is the “best” iPad for most people, then the 2021 iPad Mini is the “perfect” iPad. 

That designation of “perfect” is subjective, to be sure — the iPad Mini and its 8.3-inch screen might be too small for some. On the other hand, the standard iPad and its 10.2-inch screen might be too large for others.  

What’s objective, however, is that the iPad Mini still offers a bigger screen than any phone I know about, thus fulfilling its purpose as a tablet. It’s also incredibly light and portable, making it the easiest tablet to carry around anywhere — much easier than the comparatively bulky and cumbersome 10.2-inch iPad. 

These are just some factors contributing to the iPad Mini’s perfection. Read on to get the whole picture. 

Apple iPad Mini 2021 specifications

2021 iPad Mini

8.3-inch (2,266 x 1,488) Liquid Retina LED

Apple A15 Bionic

Memory and storage
4GB RAM (estimated) / 64GB, 256GB storage

Battery and charging
19.3 Wh, 20W charger included

12MP main camera

Front camera
12MP FaceTime HD camera with Center Stage

Stereo speakers

Touch ID

Starting at $500


The 2021 iPad Mini adopts Apple’s modern iPad design you’ll find on the iPad Air and iPad Pro series. That means the tablet is sleek, thin, and it has flat edges and a flat back. It also has uniform bezels around the display rather than the thicker top and bottom bezels from the classic iPad design.

Again, the iPad Mini is also lightweight, and combined with its smaller overall size, it’s noticeably more portable than larger tablets. That extra portability, I’d argue, is more useful than a larger display. I found myself using the iPad Mini more often than larger iPads simply because it was easier to bring from the couch in the sitting room to the kitchen, or any other room in the house. 

And just by virtue of its smaller size, it takes up less room than larger iPads. The iPad …read more

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iPad Mini review: A compact, modern design and fast performance make a perfect balance of tablet power and portability

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