NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, June 6, 2013.

US defense firms are handling sensitive information that makes them targets for adversaries.
The NSA, led by its Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, combats cyber threats by partnering with those firms and others.
Morgan Adamski is director of the Cybersecurity Collaboration Center for NSA Cybersecurity.

Our adversaries are constantly probing the computer networks of US critical infrastructure operators, especially those in the defense industrial base (DIB).

More than ever before, US DIB companies handle sensitive information that makes them targets for adversary countries — particularly Russian intelligence agencies and other proxies of Moscow, but also the government of the People’s Republic of China — that want to steal our secrets or degrade our defenses at any time, but especially during a time of geopolitical conflict. Our previous efforts are no longer enough.

The National Security Agency is dedicated to protecting these companies, which research, produce and maintain systems critical to our nation’s defense. I run an organization within NSA called the Cybersecurity Collaboration Center. Our mission is to combat cybersecurity threats through close partnerships with companies from the defense industry, and select service.

With all these partners working side-by-side, we develop a comprehensive threat picture and work towards stopping aggressive attempts by foreign adversaries to gain access to critical US networks, specifically the DIB.

The Threat Operations Center at NSA headquarters, January 25, 2006.

Cybersecurity efforts across the federal government rely on each agency bringing different authorities and capabilities to the fight. NSA has access to a wide array of data sources, but we also have access to unique foreign intelligence and insights from defending global Department of Defense networks that helps reveal our adversaries’ capabilities and intentions, which informs our efforts to stop them.

Alongside our partners across the federal government — like DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the FBI, and the Defense Cyber Crime Center — NSA dives into intelligence to develop deep insights into ways our adversaries are trying to exploit US networks. When we find evidence of what they are trying, we work with the cybersecurity community to close those vulnerabilities.

Public-private partnerships are nothing new in cybersecurity — and they remain crucial to our success — but the way we work with the private sector has evolved substantially in recent years: The threat has evolved, and many large companies now have world-class cybersecurity experts dedicated to defending their data and networks.

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The NSA is going beyond information-sharing to defend US companies against growing threats from Russia and China

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