“Dancing With the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba is advocating for fresh-faced selfies, or at least those with less makeup.

Inaba took to Instagram on April 20 to share a series of images where she has little to no makeup on.

“Trying out new looks,” she wrote. “What do you think? Personally, I prefer to wear less make up IRL. In this business, sometimes there is pressure to ‘keep up.’ But for this shoot I ‘let go’ and was more myself. What do you see?”

She continued, “I see my clarity and creativity alive and well in these photos. And there’s a calm within my soul. And that makes me happy. I usually hide some of those parts of myself.”

Fans Loved Inaba’s Looks

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Fans went straight to the comment section to let Inaba know what they thought about the looks in the photos.

“I see amazing cheekbones!” one person wrote.

Another commented, “You are stunning!!! Love this natural look. You glow!!!”

Many others told Inaba she looked beautiful or stunning.

“I love it!! I do not understand why anyone covers themselves with chemicals called makeup-celebrity or not-We are all naturally beautiful,” one person comment. “That aside, the abundance of makeup and hairpieces make people look like caricatures of themselves. You are stunning and paired down lets your beauty shine.”

Inaba Shared Inspiration for Fans

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Inaba hosts “Carrie Ann Conversations,” where she shares inspiration with her fans. On her post on her main Instagram account on April 25, she shared that they shouldn’t be afraid to take moments of introspection and self-care.

“Sometimes we need to go quiet so that we can bring the energy inward and refuel our spirit,” she wrote. “These inward moments of introspection and self care, contemplation and quiet are always needed before a large undertaking in your life. Creation takes energy… and it’s better to create from a place of fullness rather than create and then deplete yourself.”

It’s unclear if Inaba will be returning to “Dancing With the Stars” for season 31 of the show. With the big move to Disney+ taking place as well as behind-the-scenes …read more

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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Judge Debuts ‘New Looks’ on Instagram

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