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There’s little incentive
to conserve water

If you’re wanting to remove your lawn to save water, don’t.

In 2014, we removed both the front and back lawn in favor of a patio and shrubs. We saved 54% over 2013 usage. That was doing the right thing? Wrong. Now Contra Costa Water District wants us to save 15% over 2020 usage. We get no credit for the huge investment we already made to save water. Our 2022 usage is 41% below 2013 but 7% higher than 2020.

All the people who kept their lawns and wasted water for nine years can achieve 15%. We can’t without harming our garden, and we’ll probably be penalized if we don’t reduce.

If they want people to make changes to reduce their future usage, they should find a way to not penalize them in the future. Measure us against our usage before we made changes, not current usage.

Michael Stewart

Support by Contra Costa
official raises red flag

I was amazed to see the Contra Costa auditor-controller, Robert Campbell, endorse our Humboldt County auditor-controller, Karen Paz Dominguez. Why? Because our auditor-controller has been censured by our Board of Supervisors after they previously gave her a vote of no confidence. She has also received a similar vote from another county board. Many county department heads, elected and appointed, also sent the board a letter stating their lack of confidence in her abilities. Perhaps being late with paychecks is an indicator of things being amiss.

It is not just a local problem as the state auditor threatened her with a $5,000 fine if she did not turn in a report that was a year overdue.

Why is what is going on in Humboldt County of concern to Mr. Campbell? Well, if your auditor-controller thinks this work product is worthy of an endorsement maybe someone should think twice about his work.

John Murray

Cook-Kallio will keep
charters in fiscal line

Thank you for clearing up who we should not vote for Alameda County Board of Education (“Dillie is best for Alameda County education board,” Page A6, April 20). The paper has a history of supporting the growth of charter schools and is consistent in opposing the front lines of public education, teachers and their unions.

The paper has given specious reasons for its endorsement. It stated that the only reason not to support Cook-Kallio was a …read more

Source:: The Mercury News


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