From the ‘bottleneck bob‘ to the ‘butterfly’ haircut, countless effortless yet selfie-worthy hairstyles are making their way into (and out of) salons this spring. And as the weather warms up, one trend in particular is going to dominate social media feeds everywhere — though you might not notice it at first.

A handful innovative salons and stylists are talking about the ‘invisible haircut.’ Ordinarily, when you book in for a switch-up, you can expect your stylist to snip off any dead ends and maybe factor in a couple of layers. The invisible haircut is a lot more subtle and focuses on the underside of your hair, making any style you choose (whether a bob, a lob or something longer), easier to style day to day.

If you’re an R29 regular, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a jaw-grazing haircut. But my thick hair often dries in an odd triangle shape. Earlier this month I booked into Hershesons, where hairstylist Grace used a pair of thinning scissors underneath the majority of my hair. Thinning scissors aren’t a new tool, but seeing as we’re all after more modern, softer hair trends right now (think: the Parisian bob, ’70s bangs, and mid-length styles), they’re key to a style that sits perfectly without undergoing a drastic change.

I’m not the only one to be obsessed with this virtually undetectable, yet game-changing haircut. When Refinery29’s health and living editor, Sadhbh O’Sullivan, recently visited Myla & Davis in South London, her stylist didn’t touch the ends of her hair. Instead, they enlisted a pair of thinning scissors to take away the majority of the heaviness in her hair, which enhanced her natural wave and took the chore out of styling.

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What is the invisible haircut?

“Thinning scissors remove weight from the hair without losing the shape or cut,” says Chie Sato, head of education at Taylor Taylor London. “Usually used at the end of your haircut when your hair is dry, this is a great technique if you have …read more

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Spring Haircut Idea: “Invisible” Layers

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