“Survivor” has seen its fair share of cultural and racial conversations brought to the forefront in recent seasons. Last night, the first real discussion of racial identity and subconscious biases on “Survivor 42” took place in episode 9, when black contestants Drea Wheeler and Maryanne Oketch boldly vocalized their fears of this season becoming yet another example of several black people being elimination in quick succession.

Although talk of race and cultural identity on the show has caused some discomfort to a (largely white) portion of the show’s fanbase, Maryanne and Drea have taken to social media to clarify their opinions on the matter and address the audience about everything that went down.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maryanne Praises ‘Allyship’ Shown by Lindsay & Tori

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In an Instagram post shortly after the episode aired, Maryanne posted an image of herself, Drea, Jonathan Young, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Tori Meehan at Tribal, which includes a memorable shot of Drea cuddling with Jonathan. In the caption, she reiterated her points about how “Survivor,” at its core, is a social game, and hence a “microcosm of society.” “We all bring parts of our outside life into the game,” she said, “and it affects the way that we may navigate scenarios that occur.”

She went on to praise the “allyship” shown by Lindsay and Tori, which she described as “so powerful, as they had every right to fight for their safety in the game once both idols were played, but instead, they chose to take a step back to actively listen to where I was coming from.”

“I have so much love for everyone at that tribal,” she concluded, “and I am so thankful that I was able to speak about something that I wish I heard when I was just a fan watching the show that I love.”

She followed this post up with a tweet saying that the support she has received from the fanbase regarding the episode has been “overwhelming.” “THANK YOU so much for paving the way for me,” she told her followers.

Drea & Lindsay Stress Importance of Empathy Among Viewers & Cast

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‘Survivor 42’: Maryanne & Drea Address Fans Over Race Conversation

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