Financial institutions may charge a fee for exchanging currency.

Not all banks or credit unions exchange foreign currency.
Our list has options that let you exchange foreign currency at a branch, over the phone, or online. 
Most financial institutions require you to be a customer to exchange foreign currency.

If you’re looking to exchange currency for a trip abroad, major brick-and-mortar banks or credit unions can help you get different currencies at a fair exchange rate. 

You won’t want to visit your nearest branch on a whim, though, as some banks do not offer exchanges. Here’s everything you need to know about exchanging currency — from where you can go to what you’ll need to place an order.

15 banks that exchange foreign currency

Here’s a list of banks and credit unions from our best guides that exchange foreign currency. Keep in mind most banks or credit unions require you to be a customer to exchange currency.

America First Credit Union: Credit union members may visit select branches to exchange up to $5,000. There’s a $10 transaction fee if you exchange more than $300 and a $20 transaction fee for exchanges under $300.

Bank of America: Bank of America customers may exchange up to $10,000 online or over the phone. You can also place an order over $10,000 at a branch. There isn’t a fee for exchanging currency, but if you have your order shipped home, there’s a $7.50 fee. 

Citibank: You can call or visit a branch to exchange over 50 types of currency. There’s no fee for Citigold or Citi Priority Account Package customers. Citi customers with accounts not mentioned will have to pay a $5 service fee for any transaction under $1,000. If you’d prefer to have money sent to your home, there’s a $10 to $20 fee, depending on your shipping priorities. 

Citizens Bank: You may exchange foreign currency at a branch. Contact Citizens Bank for more currency exchange information.

Chase: Chase customers may exchange up to $5,000 at local branches. You’ll have to your nearest branches to learn about transaction fees. 

First Citizens Bank: Customers may exchange over 80 types of currency at branches. There aren’t any limits on how much you can exchange, but you’ll need to contact your nearest branch to learn more about potential fees. 

First Horizon Bank: First …read more

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These banks and credit unions allow you to exchange foreign currency at a branch, over the phone, or online

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