Happy Friday, readers! Today we’re taking you inside scammers’ latest social media trick, and showing you Snap’s newest product: a selfie drone. 

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1. Scammers are impersonating influencers to lure followers into shady crypto schemes. By creating accounts with an influencer’s name, profile photo, and content – including pictures of their family and children – scammers trick fans into thinking they’re engaging with a genuine account. Then the scammers set about swindling fans.

Insider spoke with eight creators that post about personal finance, investing, and crypto, who said the new trend has been rampant on YouTube and Instagram — and that neither platform has done much to stop it. 
“Instagram really could do a better job at helping,” one personal finance influencer said. 
Some fake accounts have copied the influencer’s page so accurately that it’s hard to decipher which account is real, and creators said it was having a negative impact on their business, as well as their followers. 

Inside social media’s growing problem with crypto scams.

In other news:

Apple CEO Tim Cook.

2. The week of tech earnings continues. While Amazon posted its first quarterly loss since 2015, Apple reported one of the best quarters of its 46-year history.

3. Tech workers are scoring higher salaries by jumping companies. Four workers who took advantage of the “Great Resignation” explained how they doubled their salaries to up to $400,000 by switching firms. Read their advice on how to do it.

4. Elon Musk just won a lawsuit that accused him of bailing out his cousins’ solar company. A judge ruled Musk did not act unlawfully when Tesla bought solar-panel company SolarCity — a big win for Musk, who would have been on the hook for more than $2 billion if he’d lost. Get the latest on the lawsuit.

5. Mark Zuckerberg said more workers leaving Facebook will “make us a better company.” During a conference call with analysts, Zuckerberg acknowledged that more workers are leaving Facebook — but said it’s not a bad thing. He also said he’s “slowing the pace” of investment in new projects, including the metaverse.

6. Weight-loss app Noom is laying off hundreds of coaches. The company let go of 180 coaches on Thursday and plans to lay off …read more

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