Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan appeared to have a lot of fun while on The Pat McAfee Show on April 27. It was Chris Ballard’s turn on April 28.

The Indianapolis Colts general manager was one of four big-named guests for the show’s third annual draft spectacular. One of the show’s hosts has made a tradition out of impersonating NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN. The show calls the running gag, “Mad Mel Kiper.”

With “Mad Mel Kiper,” Ballard took the opportunity to reenact one of the most famous moments in NFL Draft history.

“Good talking to ya again. Listen, I know everyone is talking about how good this team is on paper,” Mad Mel Kiper said. “But as I’m looking at your roster, listen, you guys got a lot of holes to fill. I hate to be the one to break it to you, okay, but you do. And I know that you said that you’re not really thinking about moving up in the draft.

“But there’s a lot of receivers out there that Matt Ryan might be thinking, ‘Hey, I’d love to play football with this guy.’ So what do you say? Are you moving to [No.] 15? Higher? Where are we thinking?”

Ballard played right along with the gag.

“Mel Kiper? I mean, Mel f****** Kiper? Are you kidding me? What does Mel Kiper know?”

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Famous Mel Kiper Jr. Draft Moment From 1994

Ballard and the host impersonating Mel Kiper Jr. didn’t get the exact lines correct, but the exchange was meant to be a reenactment of real gibs between the real Kiper and former Colts general manager Bill Tobin.

In 1994, Kiper heavily criticized the Colts for failing to draft quarterback Trent Dilfer twice in the first 10 picks.

“Here is a team that needed a franchise quarterback. There were two out there. They have a chance at [No.] 2, they don’t take him,” Kiper said while analyzing the Colts’ selections at the beginning of the 1994 NFL Draft. “They end up coming back into the picture to get Trent Dilfer, they take an outside linebacker.

“But to pass up a Trent Dilfer when …read more



Chris Ballard Reenacts Famous Draft Moment on The Pat McAfee Show

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